Close Mac Applications Automatically When Their Windows Close

Swift Quit enables automatic quitting of macOS apps when closing their last window (clicking the red x). It can be configured to quit when the last window of any app closed, or restricted to a specific list of apps. Additionally, you can exclude apps you dont want to quit automatically.


Installation Guide

Due to Apple sandbox restrictions you will need to perform a couple one-time steps to run this application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are some apps not quitting?

If you just installed Swift Quit, you may need to log out and log back in. Also remember that Swift Quit must be running in order for auto-quit to work.

Can I exclude certain apps from auto quit feature?

Yes, just click the plus button in setting and navigate to your applications folder and select an app that you want to exclude. It will not quit on the last window close.

Will this give me Windows-Like functionality?

Swift Quit is designed to close applications when the last window is closed just like Windows.

I want to request a feature or report a bug.

Please contact us at, or create an issue on Github.


Available For Intel & Apple Based Macs


For Bugs or Feature Requests Email